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    Officially? They both still exist. At seperate instances both Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder confirmed Cass exists and...
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    Yeah, this is really belated, so bear with me, folks. First off: ^THIS. both in bold, and by Gail, here.^ I’m one of...
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    This is the kind of problem I was afraid of. The characters’ backstories are revised inconsistently, and the whole...
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    Why not just start over with these characters? They have somewhat similar histories, and since it’s all new anyway, you...
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    such a good commentary. i’m not a stephanie fan, at all really (to each their own of course - i just never read her in...
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    Scott Snyder came as damn close as anyone has to Puckett’s Cass. It’s another reason why I loved Gates of Gotham. Cass...
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    The sadness over Stephanie Brown, a true Batgirl!
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