Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates

Even now, I see a lot of comments about liking Stephanie now. About how much better her character is. About how she’s finally compelling and competent.

Well, I loved Stephanie as Spoiler, and I loved her as Robin. A part of me will always, always lament the brevity of that role and wish she could have kept it.

Stephanie was a wonderful contrast to Bruce, and I believe that’s what Robin should be. She was resourceful and determined and passionate.

She didn’t entirely agree with his principles.

"That monster almost killed me! He was killing you! He murdered two people today, and, like, a hundred others before today, and you blame me for trying to stop him?"

She didn’t understand why she had to go out of her way not to use lethal force on a brutal serial killer. That’s not the mark of a bad Robin; that’s the mark of an interesting dynamic.

She had her own reasons for fighting crime, beyond a need for adventure and acceptance.

"I remember the first time my father was arrested. I didn’t know who to hate most - Dad or the cops…or the whole damn world for letting it happen. When’s it going to stop, Cass? What’s it going to take to get people like the Penguin out of our lives? Out of her life?"

She had a jubilant resilience reminiscent of Dick, a brutal compassion reminiscent of Jason,  and a vibrant distinctness far beyond being the only female Robin.

She saved Batman from Zsazs. She helped Cass take down the Penguin. She figured out how to defeat Tiger Moth.

She wore the colours briefly, but she wore them damn well.

30 Days of Female Awesome

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    Even now, I see a lot of comments about liking Stephanie now. About how much better her character is. About how she’s...
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    I can see it, because there are times she was written very poorly. Some writers had no idea how to write a teenage girl....
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    Reblogging this so maybe Kat will see it and understand Stephanie better
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    There has been bad writing, yeah. But so has every character had bad writing, and you don’t see people hating on, say,...
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    &this post; aklsjfd every time i see someone like “steph is way more likable….now that she’s batgirl” i get all...
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